16 Small Rustic Dining Tables We Love

Don’t let a small space get in the way of eating with style!

Our first home is a small 40-square-meter town house that might be a bit small for others, but for us, it’s perfect. It’s a starter home, and with just the two of us (and hopefully a large dog we want to name Drogo), we plan to make it as cozy and inviting as we can. We’re still in the process of thinking about our overall theme for the house, but it’s safe to say that we’re leaning towards the rustic, Scandinavian look.

One thing we are in agreement, though, is our love for food. So our first design discussion is about our dining area. A long farm house table might not be a possibility right now, but that does not mean we can’t have our rustic dining room dream.

Here are some options we’re looking at right now. Any thoughts?

Scandinavian dream! Love how the natural color of the wooden table match the legs of the Eames-style chairs. via One Kind Design
Another great table and chair combo. We might go down the DIY route, so this distressed number is a great option. via My Scandinavian Home
Rustic charmer. Repurposing an old desk as a dining table is a brilliant idea. The rectangular shape is not too long for the space we have for the dining area, and it has enough surface for two people to fit a small feast. via Country Living
The extendable console-to-dining table is a perfect space saver. For the two of us, we can make use of one leaf of the table. But if we’re having friends over, we can also put up the other leaf for ample space. via Stadshem on Instagram
We’re also toying around the idea of a breakfast nook type of dining table with an L-shaped bench along the wall to maximize the space. via Country Living
White works the best for small spaces. And with the vertical panels along the wall, it makes the ceiling look taller than it really is. via Vintage Interior
Our dining space actually gives us only one wall to work with, so this setup might work better than an L-shaped bench. However, if we do go from an L-shaped bench, we’ll make sure to put up a bench back that can define and separate the dining area from the living room. via Houzz
Benches are also great for extra, surprise storage!  On the other side of this banquette is the kitchen, so it also serves as the separator we’re talking about earlier. via Home Depot
Simple yet very functional. The part of the table near the wall has secret storage as well. via Au Pays Des Merveilles
A circular bench might also be a great idea, don’t you think? via Country Living
Super love the Eames-style chairs. Very Scandi. via Good Housekeeping
This has all the things we love: Scandi-styled chairs, a bench, secret storage, and a lightweight table that has very sleek lines. Though, we’d probably have to make the table more distressed. via My Domaine
This one is more rustic. Insert Eames-style chairs or a couple of not matching wooden chairs. via New Blooming
Bring in old metal chairs to match with a wooden table for a more farm-style/industrial feel. via The Kitchn
Not a fan of glass-surface tables, but it might be a quicker clean-up. via Decoratualma
Absolutely love the table! Pretty sure we can find a step-by-step guide to DIY this beauty. via Decoracion





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