Small Sofa Ideas for Stylish Living Rooms

In our opinion, sofas define the living room. Like the kitchen, it’s one of the rooms in the house that has high traffic. For two people who will be soon living in a starter home, Mig and I envision two different sofa styles. We once went to this store in SM where we saw this bright red Cabriole sofa. I think Mig fell in love with it, but I was a bit dubious because I don’t really know how it ties in with the whole rustic, Scandinavian look that we’re going for.

For me, I love sectionals, and I’m happy to report that there are now a lot of small sectional sofas available in furniture shops. AllHome really has a vast collection of furniture, and we saw a sectional that we felt would really work in our available space.

There are plenty of different sofa kinds to choose from that it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to find the right one for you. While not all the types might have the small version you can buy easily (you might have to commission a custom one), it would really help if you know what style your going for in your home. Below are a few of these types (we tried to find a small version peg for each one–we threw in some couches, too!), that can help illustrate these dizzying choices. Just remember, what’s more important is that it fits in your space and it’s comfortable for everyone.


With an exposed wooden frame and a continuous line, this elegant and ornate sofa is often associated with Louis XV. While it might seem too formal for a small starter home, some modern version of it can be found in the market.


via Etsy


via Layla Grayce


via Hermes


With a tufted or quilted back, this sophisticated sofa dates back to the 18th century where the Earl of Chesterfield first commissioned it. Its rolled arms are usually the same height as its back, and would normally be made of leather. In my opinion, it looks a bit heavy and imposing, but modern design has given it a young and fresh vibe.


via Loaf


via Pier 1


via Anthropologie


Still a popular choice nowadays, the Lawson sofa has back cushions separate from the main frame for additional comfort. Its arms can both be rolled or squared, and lower than the height of the back. It comes in an assortment of materials and finishes, and in our opinion the quickest way to go if you don’t have a specific sofa style.


via Bassett


via Hit Walls


via Living Beautifully


The Bridgewater sofa has arms that are lower and rolled back, and a skirt that covers its feet. Comfortable and elegant, it might not be the most fun sofa to look at since it tends to be too traditional. No worries though. Just add on some accent throw rugs and pillows, and you’re good to go.


via Sofarec


via Holly Mathis Interiors


via Holly Mathis Interiors


This one is characterized by a tight back and low, almost nonexistent arms. While it might look a bit like the Bridgewater sofa, one characteristic missing is the skirt, since the legs are exposed.


via The Every Girl


via Pottery Barn


via brooklyn at Flickr


One of my favorites is the camelback sofa which features a¬†continuous line from the arms to the back which softly rises up in the middle then descends again to the other side, just like a camel’s hump.


via Houzz


via Apartment Therapy


via World Market


A design that became popular back in the 1930s to the 1970s, this design is making a comeback and looks like it’s here to stay a while. Clean lines that form strong geometric shapes and a minimalist feel characterize this well-loved design.


via Pier 1


via Confessions of a Design Geek


via Phillips


While this might not be the best type of sofa for small rooms due to the fact that the sectional usually come in many modular components, we love that you can easily define a room and separate it from the rest of the space due to its corner units. As we’ve said above, there are plenty of sectional sofas that can work great in small spaces like starter homes and small condo units. This type is a multi-piece one that can form an L or a U, and can even come as a sofa bed!


via Coastal Living


via The Glitter Guide


via Two Ladies and a Chair

When picking your sofa, just like any other thing you’ll buy for your home, don’t forget to measure the space you’ll put the furniture in, as well as the doors and hallways that you might pass. A beautiful sofa will be useless if you can’t get it inside your house and into your designated space!


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