Color Spotlight: White

We are starting a new segment! It’s called (as you can see above), “Color Spotlight” which features one color each post, and pegs of how you can use it for each room in the house. Hopefully, you guys can pick up some ideas along the way.

Today we’re starting off easy with the ethereal color White.

Pantone Color Number: #FFFFFF

via Pantone

Some people would not call it a color, even going as far as calling it the absence of one. We think Laura Pressman of Pantone describes it well:contains all colors so that we think of white as the complete presence of light. It denotes a sense of purity and quietness. When used in design, it speaks of a modern and contemporary design. Pantone has plenty of listed colors in the white family that you can choose from.

Small spaces benefit so much from this color because it makes everything bigger and airy. However, we must be careful not too go overboard with it as it can still overwhelm a space if done in the extremes.

Here are some of our favorite room pegs featuring this silently elegant color.


This small sitting room looks and feels bigger because of the white planks they used for the floor that looks like they go on forever. Love the sleek lines of the furniture and the accent chair of the same style but different color. via Style Juicer


To add more depth to your design, use different texture of the same color family. via Pinterest


We love the coziness of this small U-shaped kitchen. Everything is within reach and the peninsula counter also doubles as a breakfast bar. White cabinets and counters make the space look clean, while the wood floors add a nice warm touch. via Domino
It’s all about the little things for this kitchen. The contrasting black hardware made the simple white shaker cabinets look more modern. The apron farm sink is barely noticeable. Surprisingly, this one-walled kitchen has plenty of storage and has enough counter space for cooking. via Home BNC


With the black chairs and the metallic pendant light, this little banquette looks chic, modern, and fuss-free. via Most Lovely Things
While this dining room shares the space with the kitchen, it still looks spacious. The wooden dining set ties in nicely with the kitchen wall, and the white baseboards is the perfect background for the overall rustic effect. via Hannas


Love all the tiles and countertop used in this small space. The grey details make the white more interesting than the plainer ones. via My Domaine
The all-white tiles and countertops contrast nicely with the dark ceiling which gives more depth to the space, and adds the illusion that the ceilings are higher than it really is. We might do this in our tiny bathroom. via Lili in Wonderland


White serves as a great background for just about anything. In this bedroom, the dramatic prints and pops of red make use of the white canvas that are the walls and the bed. via Pinterest
I personally love the Bohemian style. In this room, the big white bed and walls tone down what might be an overwhelming marriage of prints and plants. via Domino



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