5 Refreshing Backsplash Ideas for a Small Kitchen

If you’re a new viewer of HGTV shows like Fixer UpperProperty BrothersKitchen Crashers, and the like, chances are you have learned of a new word: backsplash. Backsplash is the part of the kitchen that protects the wall from spills and splatters when you’re cooking.

Nowadays, backsplashes are becoming part of the kitchen’s aesthetic. It’s not new to hear homebuyers in these property shows gushing over how perfect the granite countertops go with the glass tile backsplash, or how the subway tile backsplash complements the modern farmhouse theme in the kitchen.

If you’re planning on upgrading your small kitchen quickly, changing your backsplash will definitely help update your space. Here are several trendy ideas worth checking out.

1. Glass tile has always fascinated us because it makes the kitchen look modern and hip. Add a glass tile in turquoise, and your kitchen instantly feels more beachy and fun. This project by Profile Cabinet and Design (aptly named Breakfast at Tiffany’s) combines the timeless feel of the white cabinets and pearl pendant lights with that of the fun backsplash and the stools (like the  timeless elegance and fun personality of Holly Golightly). via Profile Cabinet and Design


2. Arabesque tile adds more texture and interest to your kitchen. With it’s unique shape, it will certainly add character to the kitchen, most especially if you’re using a white-on-white palette. Just like all other kinds of tiles, this comes with a variety of materials, colors, and prints. via Backsplash

3. A classic choice that never goes out of style is the white subway tile. Be it in the kitchen or bathroom, this tile favorite has always been one of the frontrunners when it comes to backsplash options. Its clean and even lines make it all perfect to use a contrasting grout color like black for a more modern, industrial look; or a muted one like grey or cream for a more seamless feel. via Bob Vila

4. If you’re willing to embark on a more dedicated design upgrade for your kitchen, working with patchwork or cement tiles might be the perfect project for you to flex those design muscles. With unique patterns that you can mix and match, it creates a Bohemian feel that looks effortlessly beautiful when done right. Just remember that these tiles can be overwhelming, so make sure that your countertops and cabinets all compliment your chosen patterns. via One Kindesign

5. One of the things Mig and I agree about in our kitchen talks is that we love the farmhouse feel. He’s set on using live wood as the countertop for our island, and while I’m not a huge fan of live wood, I think it’ll add more character to our small kitchen. Speaking of wood, those reclaimed ones certainly make for an interesting backsplash option. If you’re planning on a rustic theme in your kitchen, then this one is for you. It’s affordable and can be a great project for you and your family. Just don’t forget to seal those planks to make them spill-proof and easy to clean. via Refresh Restyle


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