6 Ways to Use that Small Second Bedroom

Small starter homes usually come with two bedrooms–or a provision for two. Ours have a smaller bedroom that is ideal for a kid’s bedroom. Since we’re miles away from having one, we’ve been thinking about how to use that spare room.

Mig wants to knock down walls, so we’ll have a larger master’s bedroom. However, I’m not entirely sure about it. With all the stuff we have at our current houses, I’m betting that would be a temporary bodega of some sort.

Still, there are a lot of ways to use that spare room wisely–aside from it being a guest bedroom or nursery. Here are six of them:

A Home Office

I think it’s important to note that when decorating the spare room, we remember that things should be transitory, and whatever permanent installation we’ll do in there should work with whatever the room’s function will be. That’s why a home office is a great choice to go with.

Setup a desk and some bookcases, and you’re literally good to go. You can also add in a couch for a small reading nook, or a daybed for a quick nap when your spreadsheets get too stressful.

The best thing about it: your desk and bookcases can easily be converted to a changing table and storage for baby stuff when Baby #1 comes. So be sure to pick out pieces that are in a neutral color; they work best with a baby girl or boy. via Front+Main

A Walk-in Closet

Got a lot of clothes? Then this should be the most obvious choice for you. Hanging a clothing rod or bringing in a dresser or clothing rack will not be too much work. Plus, if you love putting make up, like me, you can even put in a vanity complete with those big bulbs and a large mirror. via Domino

A Storage Room

Mig has plenty of husbandry things that he’s warned me he’s bringing to our new house, and frankly, that’s scaring me. I guess, the key to not making a bodega look like a bodega, is to organize everything beautifully. That’s why I’ve Pinned quite a few websites in my Pinterest account that feature ingenious organization techniques (click the link that follows).

Just because it’s going to be a catch-all basin for all the stuff you have no space for, does not mean we have to haphazardly throw stuff inside. Remember that it’s only temporary, so save yourself the future headache and install shelves and hooks that can also be used in a nursery or a second bedroom in the future. via HGTV

A Home Gym

A designated workout space is a great choice for health buffs. I’ve always wanted to try yoga, and if we’re to turn our spare room to a home gym, I’ll probably master the thing. Probably.

Anyway, installing cupboards and shelves for your workout shoes, dumbells, yoga mats, and whatnots should be an easy thing to tackle. A large mirror would also be beneficial (for checking out if those abs and pecs are forming already). via Feel It Cool

An Entertainment Center

Mig and I love watching movies and series, and while I am not sure if a second TV room is necessary given it’s just the two of us (and it’s a small house), maybe some of you would like a separate movie/pigout room. Painting the room in a dark color such as dark grey gives the room a movie house feel. Add black out curtains to add to the drama. Upgrade it by installing a small personal fridge and a microwave for cool drinks and hot popcorn. via Decoist

A Pet’s Room

Because why not?

Remember when I said Mig is into various husbandries? Well, caring for animals (some of which are really weird) is one of them. He used to have these long haired guinea pigs when he was younger, and a lot of dogs. Unfortunately, we met (again) and got together after these pets either died or were sold, so I didn’t get to see them personally. However, we’ve recently adopted a daschund named Noodle, and we’re planning on adding two more dogs in the future. So a pet room doesn’t seem so bad. Well, if he really gets one of those bearded dragons (told you, weird) that eats insects, that’s another thing.

If you’re going this route, you might want to make sure that your floor can withstand scratches. Cat ledges would make it more fun for your feline friends, while a box of chewy toys will be good for your dogs. There are plenty of DIY pet beds in Pinterest that you can tackle, so if you’re already giving your pet a room of its own, albeit temporarily, why not stretch those creative muscles and make your pet a place to sleep on? via HGTV


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