6 Small Bedroom Built-ins that are Beyond Clever

When we first saw the model house of the unit we bought, I felt a bit doubtful that we can fit all our clothes in the small master’s bedroom. A king size bed barely fit the room, but while the bed itself didn’t feel so cramped (the developer’s staging of the unit was really good), the storage situation was another story altogether.

Mig and the built-in cabinets at the model house.
The bed does not look to cramped given the small space in the master’s.

So it got us thinking about how to incorporate built-ins that can accommodate as much of our clothes and personal stuff as possible. Here are some of our favorite ones from all over the Internet:

There are so many things that’s going on in these built-ins that makes it so brilliant. There’s storage everywhere! That’s cubby hole by the side of head makes for a great bedside table. The pull-outs are all around the platform bed, and the center one can even house a Christmas tree! This masterpiece from Sawdust Girl is the best example of not wasting space. The bed I have in my parents’ house is also a platform one with storage cabinets below, a pull-out desk, and if you raise the mattress, there’s still a large storage space where I put my old stuff. So for me, platform beds are perfect for small spaces such as ours.

Perfect for a kid’s bedroom, the pull-out drawers below the bed are a great way to organize books, toys, clothes, and linens. via A+B Kasha

The pop of reds in the shelves, wallpaper, and pillows prevent this built-in from being boring. The simple overhead cupboards don’t look too plain because the eye is drawn at the built-in shelves and the dramatic lighting used. via Bluffingtonpost

This bedroom is narrow and small, but the light vertical wood flooring, open shelving around he bed, and the darker headboard make it look longer and more spacious than it actually is. via Hative

Mirrors make any small room bigger than it really is. Incorporate mirrors on the doors of your built-ins to not just have something to check your daily outfits out with, but also to make your room more light and spacious. via Better Homes and Gardens

Recessed wall niches are really great space savers since they do not take up extra floor space because they are built in the walls. You can opt for open shelvings or cabinet doors; just ask your contractor if this is feasible to add in your home. via The Block Shop


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